Brooklyn Instrument Cable

After all this time I finally found a cable that gives me all of the tone that my amp and guitar are capable of producing. Its a far superior cable and The Brooklyn stands up to its name, strong, durable brutally honest tone.

Jim Robbins
Amp Tester & Artist Relations (Bogner Amplification)

Colossal Cable 2Like the city, the BROOKLYN is tough. Specifically designed to reduce unwanted "white noise" or "fizz" commonly associated with high gain rigs, leaving you inspired and ready to shred up a sonic canvas.

Discerning goat laden metalheads and shredders alike will appreciate the superb signal transfer and durability that today´s modern music demands. The Brooklyn is best suited for Heavy Metal, Thrash Metal, Speed Metal, Death Metal, Black Metal, Nu Metal.

The BROOKLYN can take anything you dish out and come back strong, delivering brutal honest tone.


  • BARE annealed copper & braided shield
  • HAND SOLDERED with ultra pure multi-eutectic silver solder
  • AMPHENOL T-series (pro range) connectors
  • HEAVY DUTY metal back shell
  • STYLIZED shell design with ergonomic grip
  • “JAWS” cable clamp
  • MULTI POINT STRUCTURE strain relief
  • CUT & ABRASION resistant outer shield
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY( * Void if Tampered * )
  • HAND MADE in the USA
  • PROTECTIVE FILM containing pure gold & silver to improve conductivity and reduce oxidation

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