Helios Speaker Cable

“After being a devout Monster Cable guy for many years when my last one shorted out a year ago I decided to make a change. I researched all the high end cable makers and decided on Colossal. I balked a little at the price of the Colossus speaker cable, given it’s only 3ft long, but I’ll be was it ever worth every penny! The Brooklyn guitar cable coupled with the Colossus speaker cable are everything I have been looking for and more. Pure sweet transparency!!!”

Matt Zilm

The SweetFats is the state-of-the-art in silver plated cables – the industry’s only atomically treated silver cable engineered to three different capacitance (tendency to “roll off” or “darken” high frequencies):

  • Low-Capacitance of about 17 pf/ft – unadulterated, full spectrum signal transfer over the world’s highest quality silver instrument cable. This cable maintains all aspects of the mid and higher frequencies, allowing for extremely long cable lengths at zero to minimal “roll off”. Perfect for players with vintage gear wanting to hear everything their gear has to offer, OR, overly dark or dull sounding guitars/amps. With a rope-stranded conductor of 7 bunches of 9 strands each .10mm in diamter, the Low-Cap is a much thicker cable than it’s siblings, the Mid-Cap and High-Cap. **All casings for right angle plugs for the SweetFats are Nickel colored. If you order Matte Black, we will build a cable with the straight end in matte black and the right angle in nickel. Silent plugs available only upon special order due to the size of the cables.
  • Mid-Capacitance of about 27 pf/ft – neutral signal transfer, excellent for overly bright/brittle guitars, amps or pedals. Perfect for the player who wants the sound of silver without what some consider to be an over-emphasized high end. Tightens the signal slightly – a little less “bounce” than the Low-Cap but still clear and articulate. Best used as an 11 – 21 ft instrument cable or patch cables either in a board or an effects loop. These cables shine with everything from guitars to synths.
  • High-Capacitance of about 38 pf/ft – these cables are the secret weapon for players who understand how to match guitars, amps, pedals and rack gear with the right cables to optimize their signal transfer and allow for full use of tone and gain-shaping controls without overcompensating for “too much brightness” within the circuits of the gear themselves. A completely different way of approaching rig setup and tone-shaping. Awesome right after vintage fuzzes and drives, and helps to reduce hiss without losing the sound of silver.

NOTE: While you will still hear a difference between the sonic characteristics of each of the SweetFats with using active pickups, the differences between the cables are much more pronounced with passive pickups.


  • SILVER PLATED ultra-pure oxygen-free copper conductor & shield
  • HAND SOLDERED with ultra pure multi-eutectic silver solder to optimize conductivity and current flow
  • AMPHENOL CONNECTORS – T-series (pro range) with metal backshells OR Jumbo Series (pro-range) **Neutrik Right angle on Low-Cap with right angles.
  • STYLIZED SHELL DESIGN with ergonomic grip
  • ANTI-ABRASION outer shield
  • “JAWS” cable clamp with multi-point structural strain relief
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY * Void if Tampered With *
  • HAND MADE in the USA
  • ATOMICALLY INFUSED with solution of pure gold, silver, copper and other agents to improve conductivity and reduce oxidation

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