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As one of the 7 wonders of the ancient world, the Colossus of Rhodes was the giant bronze and marble-clad statue erected at the entrance to the ancient port city of Rhodes. It was the biggest of it’s kind, shining like the sun, just like we want your tone to be!

The Colossus is the ultimate speaker cable – clear and musical, with superb frequency response and imaging. Lows become clear and tight, musicality of the mid-range and treble frequencies are enhanced, modulation effects become clearer and more perceptible, and that feeling of your tube amp “coming alive” under your fingers is taken to a whole new level. If you’ve never experienced an amp “bloom” in its sweet-spot under your fingertips, it is absolute magic, and the Colossus is what every amp and cab need to really hear and feel that sweet-spot. At 13 AWG, the ultra-pure copper is subjected to a true, -200C cryogenic freeze that changes the molecular structure and makes the copper more stable and improves signal transfer, then treated with a protective film with pure gold, silver and platinum, which reduces the resistance of the solder points and prevents oxidation. We are confident in claiming that this is the most transparent speaker cable on the planet.

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3 FT, 4 FT, 5 FT, 6 FT, 9 FT, 12 FT, 15 FT, 20 FT


Carbon, Black, Purple, Green Spyder, Red Spyder, Yellow Spyder, Orange Spyder, Checkered Flag, Snake, Shimmer, Rainbow Black (Fruit Loops), Fuzzy Pink


1/4" to 1/4", 1/4" to Speakon, Speakon to Speakon

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  1. My other cable was restricting the my overall EQ spectrum, mainly midrange. I plugged this in and immediately noticed all ends of my EQ were opened up. No artificial frequencies. It let through what the other didn’t.. Hi-Fi for sure. Scary that all this time that old speaker cable was doing this to my sound.

    Joshua Hernandez, MHD Pickups

  2. Just received a speaker cable, and instrument cable from Colossal Cable, tested them out, and I have to say to all the people who say your cable doesn’t play a significant role in you tone, are completely oblivious and I have the cable to prove it!
    What amazing clarity, it is beyond all expectations I had!!!
    It really lets every nuance shine clearly through my rig!
    To everyone looking at this cable, It is THE best speaker cable I have EVER used. no joke, you will be blown away with the clarity! Felt like I lifted a fire-blanket off of my cabinet when I plugged this in!

    Pat Laughrey

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