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Ever wonder about the quality of cable in your combo amp? Take a look in there and 9 times out 10 it’s extremely cheap speaker cable… and thus one the weak links in a rig. These state-of-the-art solid-core cable kits are treated with the industry’s most advanced cryogenic, demagnetization and nano-molecular 
infusion processes. Typical cryogenic treatments lower molecular temperature to in between -50℃ and 0℃,, which is insufficient to relieve the 
internal stress of the metal and thoroughly change its molecular structure. Our cables reach internal temperatures of -200℃ to -250℃
 and are infused with nano-sized particles of gold, silver and copper. This ensures the tightest and most consistent molecular configuration 
possible, resulting in optimum electrical conductance, stability, and tonal balance. Lows are tight and punchy, mids and highs are clear yet 
smooth and musical, resolution is enhanced and bandwidth broadens while delivering a clear sonic background and a vivid sense of 
depth and shape. The extension of both low and high frequency extremes becomes smoother and more profound.
Like the SweetFats and Brooklyn, you may perceive a very slight increase in volume.Some players have described this as 
”taking the towel off your amp”. We recommend you have a certified amp technician install the kits. These cables are solid-core, so very tough to maneuver and solder. We give a little extra length to ensure placement is optimal as not all input jacks are in the exact same location relative to the speaker tabs. Each kit allows you to choose where the jack is relative to the speakers. For example, SIDE Input Jack for a 1 x 12 combo is describing the input jack being further towards the side of the amp chasis versus being closer to the middle. Every amp is a little different. This will determine how much extra room is given for the cable so the jack fits properly without causing any tension. All 4 x 12 kits will assume the speaker tabs in your cabinet are oriented inwards towards each other, which allows for both parallel-series and series-parallel, x-patterns, etc. Email david@colossalcable.com with questions or if you don’t see a kit for your amp listed. You can always take exact measurements and custom order as well.

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1×10 Closed (Panel Mount), 1×12 Closed (Panel Mount), 2×10 Closed (Panel Mount), 2×12 Closed (Panel Mount), 4×10 Closed (Panel Mount), 4×12 Closed (Panel Mount), 1×10 Open (1/4" RT Angle), 1×12 Open (1/4" RT Angle), 2×10 Open (1/4" RT Angle), 2×12 Open (1/4" RT Angle), 4×10 Open(1/4" RT Angle)

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