Choosing The Best Cable For You

With Colossal Cable every gig’s a joy because of the beautiful tone I get from my hands to the Bass, from the Bass to the amp, and from the amp to the cab, and coming soon, from the wall to power the amp.

Signal flow is crucial when discovering “Your Tone”. All my life I was chasing “Tone”, switching Basses, switching amps, when I discovered Colossal Cable I realized how important “GREAT CABLES” are to “Your Tone” and affect the “Style” playing you want to immolate. I have complete control with these Cables. I have confidence in my playing more now than ever. I proudly endorse Colossal Cable.”

Lonnie Trevino Jr.

Copper vs. Silver – WHICH ONE IS RIGHT FOR YOU?

Understanding the sonic difference between copper and silver is key to choosing your cable.

The best way to do it is experiment with different cables and settings. At the end of the day, copper and silver shine in different ways – so you’ll probably end up using both. Silver into your pedals and copper into the amp… or copper into your pedals and silver into the amp… or silver for everyone. Maybe you’d want to throw some copper at your board, then feed your board to your amp with silver – Brooklyn into your board, Low-Cap from board to amp… or Mid-Cap into Board, Low-Cap into amp… etc.. etc..

SweetFats Low-Cap – The holy grail of cables for all bass players and any guitarists who want ultra-high clarity and fullness without the harsh top end of all the other silver-plated conductors on the market. The SweetFats is crystal clear yet with a sweetness to the top end, a rounded and more extended bottom end and a punchy yet smooth mid-range. If you want to actually hear the character of the wood/pickup/string combination in your guitar, the SweetFats is the cable for you. The SweetFats Low-Cap is one of the lowest capacitance cables on the market at about 17 pf/ft.

SweetFats Mid-Cap – Thinner and easier to handle than it’s big brother, the Low-Cap, the Mid-Cap is meant for those players who want to retain the open. clear sound of silver, with just a slight amount of high-end or presence roll-off.

SweetFats High-Cap – Designed for bright guitars, like Strats and Teles, or bright amps, like some Fender and Vox circuits, the SweetFats High-Cap is perfect for maximum warmth while retaining the sound of silver.

Brooklyn – The absolute best pure copper cable money can buy – no gimmicks, just straight-up ultra-high quality. The Brooklyn is slightly more focused and tight sounding, with a lightning-fast attack that handles fast picking and higher gain exceptionally well. This cable is specifically designed to be “easy to play” – it reduces unwanted “white noise” or “fizz” and has a vivid and punchy soundstage, giving the player more articulation and clarity, even when playing dissonant chords at high gain. Shredders and fusion players love this cable because it tracks very well and and feels easier to play. The Brooklyn has a capacitance of about 45 pf/ft. For the Brooklyn, a bare annealed linear crystal oxygen free copper (OFC) conductor is used. OFC is produced through an extrusion process which takes place in an oxygen-free-inert-gas atmosphere. This leads to a reduced oxygen content (10ppm) when compared to TPC (Tough Pitch Copper) and an improvement in conductivity. The annealed process is when the copper is reheated after the oxygen extrusion process reducing even more impurities that may still be present, normal copper has 300 to 500ppm. Less impurities translates to a clearer signal.

Colossus Speaker & Power – nano-infused, rope-stranded OFC cryogenically frozen pure copper conductor. The copper is subjected to a cryogenic freeze that changes the molecular structure and makes the cable more stable an improves signal transfer. The result is a speaker cable that offers a wider range in the sonic spectrum


Simply put: your technique will improve and you will become a better overall player. You will hear nuances in your playing style and technique that you didn’t even know existed… and that’s because, until playing through a Colossal Cable, all those little juicy bits of subtlety were being squashed and thrown away by your other cables. Colossal Cables undergo a special molecular treatment process and are hand crafted in Austin, Texas and use some of the best materials available. Each cable is outfitted with either Neutrik Pro Series, Amphenol T series (Pro Range), REAN or Amphenol Jumbo plugs, the toughest and sleekest plugs available.




The truth is, they don’t “sound” good – it’s your guitar and strings and amp and even choice of pick… and your playing style. Remember, cables do not add, they only subtract. You are just hearing it all now. You removed the proverbial “wet towel” from the front of your speakers. You can actually hear everything now! So again, you’re not hearing the cables… you are hearing YOU. But, since you asked, here are the technical reasons:

Hand soldered with ultra pure quad eutectic silver solder. Eutectic denotes the number of elements that are mixed in the solder. So quad eutectic means 4 elements: Tin, Lead, Silver and Copper. The blend of these elements increases conductivity and results in a stronger and longer-lasting solder joint. However, all solder is porous and therefore doesn’t provide a smooth pathway for the electrical current, causing loss of conductivity and a sense of “poor tracking” or “attack” from the cable. Those solder joints then undergo a nano-molecular treatment process, much like pore-free re-flow soldering, that then further enhances conductivity and seals the joint from oxidation.

So what does all this technical stuff mean for the player who just wants the best tone they can find? It means that playing through a Colossal Cable is the closest thing to hard-wiring your guitar pickups to the input of your amp… but that’s a topic for another day.


  1. I have the Evidence Audio Lyric HG cables. Sound great but very inflexible, so can’t use for stage work. Are the Sweet Fats flexible?

    I am also considering purchasing the Sinasoid Slate instrument cable.


    -Hi, Paul.
    Yes, my cables are flexible but they don’t kink easily so they are pretty awesome on stage and super tough. The Sinasoid looks like a re-branded stock cable that’s had nothing done to it. My connectors are top-of-the-line (they use lower quality), the SWeetFats is silver-plated OFC copper (they use standard audio-grade copper), I use quad-eutectic solder (they use cheap solder), my cables are sheathed to increase durability and enhance the physics of moving around on stage (they say it’s gray so you can see it more easily in a pile… well you can spot mine a mile away because the sheathing actually shines. AND I treat them at the molecular level. And as far as Evidence Audio, you will find that the SweetFats could easily replace your Evidence Audio solid-core or stranded cables… and mine are cheaper for more length. I’ve used Evidence, MOgami, Monster, and so many others… and I keep coming back to the Sweet Fats. Feel free to call me if you have any more questions. I also will fix or replace your cable no questions asked – hassle-free and reliable.

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