Choosing The Best Cable For You

I could go on into some very technical jargon about the merits of the Colossal Modern Classic cable but simply put it’s built like a f&*king tank and drives like a Ferrari. It’s a cable that gives the guitarist security. Knowing that your guitar tone will be sent to the amp faithfully, and will do so through thick and thin.

Steve Stevens, of Billy Idol

We often get asked by curious customers which cable they should choose and the best way to answer that would be is this:
The SweetFats sounds the best with all Bass players and any guitarists who play clean tones to medium gain settings with their amps. Styles of music from Jazz, Country, Country Rock, Pop, Blues, R&B, Funk, Classic Rock, Rock & Roll to Singer/Songwriter. Stratocasters, Telecasters and Les Pauls see the biggest dynamic change when using the SweetFats.
The Brooklyn sounds the best with guitarists who play strictly hi gain amplifiers with hot pickups. From Thrash Metal, Death Metal, Prog Metal, Nu Metal to Shred. This cable is specifically designed to reduce unwanted “white noise” or “fizz” commonly associated with high gain rigs, giving the player more articulation. Shredders or soloist benefit with this cable because it “tracks” very well, they feel it is easier to solo and every note is clear.


Colossal Cable is made right here in the good ole U.S.A. and hand crafted in Austin, Texas. Colossal uses some of the best materials available and each cable is outfitted with Amphenol T series (Pro Range) plugs, the toughest and sleekest plug available. wpid-img_20141107_231048.jpg

What makes these instrument cables tough? Made with one solid piece of zinc alloy, rather than 2 pieces molded together, it’s stylized shell design and ergonomic grip insures a solid grasp and concrete protection from outside threats. To compliment this piece, a heavy duty metal back shell is used rather than an inadequate plastic back shell. And its signature & patented “Jaws” cable clamp is like no other. Strongly clinching the cable at three different points, while the clamp itself slides and locks into the housing of the shell which results in a cable that can’t be twisted or pulled at the solder joint.

Next we have a tough mesh jacket that has a wide operating temperature range, is resistant to chemical degradation, UV radiation and abrasion. This mesh jacket keeps your cable from being cut, crimped, tangled on itself and makes for easy wrap up with less “stage dirt” on ones hands which results in extended longevity of your investment. Finally, heat shrink is applied over the connectors which does two things: One, it keeps the back shell from ever coming loose, keeping the connector snug and tight. Two, an extended strain relief which keeps the cable from being pinched or crimped while being looped through and around the guitar strap.

Hand soldered with ultra pure quad eutectic silver solder. Eutectic meaning the elements used, EX. Tin, Lead and Silver. This fourth element increases conductivity and a stronger solder joint and then a layer of protective film containing pure gold and silver to improve conductivity and reduce oxidation. This layer of protective film has particles of pure gold and silver which bond with the solder and fill in the open pores of the solder, less pores means more surface, more surface means better conductance, better conductance means more signal.

For the SweetFats, a silver plated copper conductor is used. Silver has lower resistivity than copper. In other words, silver has less resistance to a signal than copper does. Because of this fact, a signal will travel farther along silver than the signal will travel along copper. Because it has a gain of 7%-10% in conductance, the transfer of data is better with silver plated copper center conductors than it is with copper center conductors.

For the Brooklyn, a bare annealed linear crystal oxygen free copper (OFC) conductor is used. OFC is produced through an extrusion process which takes place in an oxygen-free-inert-gas atmosphere. This leads to a reduced oxygen content (10ppm) when compared to TPC (Tough Pitch Copper) and an improvement in conductivity. The annealed process is when the copper is reheated after the oxygen extrusion process reducing even more impurities that may still be present, normal copper has 300 to 500ppm. Less impurities translates to a clearer signal.

For the Colossus, an OFC cryogenically frozen pure copper conductor is used. The copper is subjected to a cryogenic freeze that changes the molecular structure and makes the cable more stable an improves signal transfer. The result is a speaker cable that offers a wider range in the sonic spectrum

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