Colossus Power Cable

DSC_0986From the countless hours of seeking & dreaming, researching, and calculating, to making the decision of either combo or head & cabinet, solid state or tube. Which tube configuration? Will there be an effects loop? Will it be a multi-channel amp? What wattage will the amp be? These and more variables are all part of the equation, but what about the cable allowing your amp to function…to it’s fullest potential?

With the Colossus power cable you will be able to hear and feel your amps full potential. You will notice an immediate gain in volume while giving your amp the headroom it needs to run smoothly. Highs will become crisp and clean while simultaneously smoothing them out for a less harsh attack. Midrange is pronounced, punchy and clear and the bass is robust, smooth and defined. With the Colossus power cable the overall frequency range appears even when compared to the stock power cable. No spikes with harsh treble and less bass or pronounced midrange but less highs like the stock cable. This power cable lets your amp put out a level dynamic frequency range. Players will notice their amp is quieter and easier to play with less resistance from the amp basically making it easier to feel comfortable and relaxed allowing one to express themselves with ease. Once you hold this power cable in your hand you will realize why it’s rightfully named Colossus and once you hear the difference you will understand the definition of the word-a person or thing of immense size or power

  • Red copper rhodium plated power plug & IEC connector
  • OFC cryogeniclly frozen pure copper (10AWG)
  • Cut & Abrasion resistant outer shield
  • Voltage : 10A/250V~15A/125V
  • Diameter 15.5 mm
  • Hand made in the USA

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