Colossus Speaker Cable

Colossal Cable 3The name says it all, Colossus, this speaker cable is huge and sounds it as well. Colossus provides a significant improvement in highs, mids and lows allowing you to hear your guitar, amplifier and cabinet with new ears and once in your hands, you’ll know why it is called Colossus.

The copper is subjected to a cryogenic freeze that changes the molecular structure and makes the cable more stable and improves signal transfer. Then treated with a protective film with pure gold & silver which increases electronic conduction for an overall improvement in tonal colors and prevents oxidation. This speaker is Colossal and it’s name is Colossus.

Retrieve your tone loses with Colossus.


  • HAND SOLDERED with ultra pure multi-eutectic silver solder
  • CUT & ABRASION resistant outer shield
  • OFC cryogenically frozen pure copper (12AWG)
  • DIAMETER 13.5mm
  • PROTECTIVE FILM containing pure gold & silver to improve conductivity and reduce oxidation
  • HAND MADE in the USA

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