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Pete Cornish, eat your heart out… this is a state-of-the-art mono shielded, ultra-high quality OFC dual conductor instrument cable with the same rounded presence and bounciness as it’s big brother, the Sweet Fats Low-Cap, in a smaller, more compact and affordable package. This is essentially the SweetFats XLR Mic cable wired to mono with the shield grounded at both ends – these cables have their own distinct flavor and response, similar to the SweetFats Mid-Cap. NOTE: All Silent (shorting end) connectors are made with top-of-the-line Neutrik GOLD Silent connectors, so you will not see an option to select NICKEL-plated silent connectors.

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6 FT, 9 FT, 11 FT, 16 FT, 21 FT, 25 FT, 30 FT


Straight-Straight NICKEL – Satin Nickel Case, Straight-Straight NICKEL – Matte Black Case, Straight-Right NICKEL – Satin Nickel Case, Straight-Right NICKEL – Matte Black Case, Straight-Straight GOLD – Satin Nickel Case, Straight-Straight GOLD – Matte Black Case, Straight-Right GOLD – Satin Nickel Case, Straight-Right GOLD – Matte Black Case

Sleeve Color

Carbon, Black, Midnight, Yellow, Green Spyder, Red Spyder, Snakeskin, Fuzzy Pink, Tweed, Denim

Silent Plug

Standard Plug, Silent Plug

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